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What are automated phone calls? Define call automation

automated phone calls

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automated phone calls

In the modern world, automated phone systems are almost universal, and many individuals routinely use them. These phone systems are more technically called interactive voice response systems. Automated phone calls are known as an IVR system. Interactive voice response or IVR is the technology that automates telephone conversations between humans and machines.

A device placed on the computer in place of humans is known as an automated machine. It is used to make and receive the call. They are frequently employed for commercial objectives, such as advertising a commodity or service. They can also be used for various purposes like gathering client data. Below listed are the types of call automation:

Importance of automated phone calls:

In some companies, the receptionist will not have time to pick up the call. An automated phone system can help you run your business effectively. One of the major reasons the companies use an automated call system is to reduce the cost of giving labour.

An automated phone system is set up to deliver basic information about your company, and it can also solve customer queries. If you want to install an automated phone system in your company, you can contact Knowlarity. They will provide you with the best-automated phone system for your business.


The major types of automated phone systems are outbound and inbound call systems. Outbound telephone systems call human recipients to interact with them or deliver a recorded message. Inbound systems take human calls and converse with the callers. They may either make or attend the calls. Many industries use automated phone calls to deliver a message about their marketing.

Inbound automated calls:

Automated inbound calls can improve the agents’ productivity and enhance the quality of customer service. It will provide a customer with a recorded menu. It is an essential tool for call routing, forwarding and transfer. Before answering, the agents can receive a notification about who is calling their phone. This makes them prepare to attend the call.

The team will track their performance. This system will be helpful for social media marketing, content marketing and several other industries. The calls will automatically record, and you can hear them when needed. Managers can listen to the live calls and change the automated devices if anything is required.

Save time:

Automating inbound calls can save the energy and time of human beings. It is more effective and properly delivers the message. The call centre automation software handles most of the repetitive tasks. Customer service has become more popular in the present world.

Outbound automated calls:

Outbound automated calls focus on sales and marketing. It works on lead generation, appointment setting, collections and market research. The automated calling system will help gather the contact information to find potential customers. The agents may connect with the automated outbound calls in the process of sales.

The automated calling machine can deliver message, make phone calls, email, artificial intelligence and integration. Many companies use automated outbound call systems to develop their business. A little maintenance is needed for the automated calling system. It saves your time and money.

Benefits of automated call system:

Many businesses use automated devices to make and attend calls. The automated machine will automatically transfer the calls to an appropriate agent. Most automated attendants include a menu system instructs callers to select the desired department by pressing a particular number. Many contemporary automated attendants can forward calls to mobiles, VoIP phones, landlines in other places, and other automated attendants.

Shift with Knowlarity:

Communication has become a major service in the modern world. Suppose you are planning to install an automated call to your business. Knowlarity will be the best option. They will provide you with the best-automated call system. You should compare and choose the best one at an affordable price for your business.

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