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What does refurbished device mean, is it used, bad or good?

by AndrewSmith

What does refurbished device mean? You must have come across this question lately because of its widespread throughout the world.

This spread was caused by people’s desire to find a solution to the new mobile phones high prices problem because who among us does not want to own the latest electronic products on the market, especially mobile phones, and who among us does not like to enjoy the facilities provided by technology developments every year.


What does refurbished mean

We will mention the detailed answer to the question “What does refurbished device mean” but now we will talk about the concept of refurbishment in general: 

Refurbishment is the process of repairing any type of electronics, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or otherwise and selling it at a cheaper price than new and with similar specifications.

Or it is the process of selling electronics that are returned immediately after opening the box due to the buyer’s desire to replace this type only without any malfunction in it.


What does refurbished device mean

The concept of refurbishment applies to all styles of phones no matter how different their manufacturer and how different the time they are produced. 

So  what does refurbished device mean?

A refurbished device is a device that its buyer has returned for an error in it or simply because he has changed his mind which means he no longer wants it.  

And this device is checked after it’s been returned to look for and fix any error in it.


Are refurbished products used (is refurbished considered used)

It’s not enough to answer “what does refurbished device mean” to clarify whether or not this type of device is used and that’s why we’ll talk about it now in detail: 

Refurbished devices lie somewhere in between used and new which means that the answer for “are refurbished products used (is refurbished considered used)?”is no. And to confirm this answerwe will mention the difference between new, used and refurbished devices below:

  •  New Phones:

Are the phones you get wrapped directly from the factory with  a warranty of one year and more.

  • Used Phones:

Phones that come directly from the previous user with their malfunctions and without warranty or return policy. 

  • Refurbished Phones:

Phones that have been repaired and maintained to return new with a limited time warranty that varies depending on the place of purchase. 

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Does refurbished mean bad

We talked about “what does refurbished device mean” and explained whether it is considered used or not but we didn’t say if it’s bad or not and that’s what we’ll know now. 

We can’t give the “does refurbished mean bad” question a unified answer because this varies according to the needs  of the buyer and we can only mention the disadvantages of this type of device:

  • Refurbished devices do not come with a long warranty like new ones, but to get a successful purchase you have to go to reliable companies that work in this field at least you will guarantee that the warranty period is correct even if it is short.
  • The lifespan of refurbished phones cannot be determined despite being repaired and made look like new phones.
  • Not all refurbished mobile phones have original replacement parts even if the company that carried out the repair is known because these parts are not always available.

Therefore, it is better to buy these laptops with a 30-day warranty like buying from dokan store for used electronics

 Are refurbished devices good 

Honestly, we can only clearly answer the question “what does refurbished device mean”, that is, we cannot explain whether it is good or bad and we can only mention its positives as we  mentioned its negatives earlier:

  • Refurbished mobile phones give you the look of new phones as they are scratch-free, clean and shiny all for an acceptable amount of money.
  • Buying this type of device gives you the opportunity to experiment for a period of time that varies by company with a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
  • Refurbished mobile phones are unlocked i.e. work with every network.
  • Refurbished devices keep the environment from contamination and reduce waste.


In the end, we cannot determine whether new, used or refurbished devices are the best because it is up to the person who wants to make such a purchase, his desires, his point of view. And we can only provide him with this article and wish him the best of luck.

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