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What Kind of Hairstyle Suits Me Best?

by AndrewSmith

It’s important to know your face shape to determine what hairstyle suits you best. This article will discuss the types of hairstyles you should avoid, including blunt cuts, bobs, and slicked back styles. You may want to consult with your stylist before trying a new cut.

Kind of Hairstyle

Avoiding blunt hairstyles

A blunt cut is a style in which your hair is cut very short. It is a good choice for people with fine or thinning hair because it adds body and rids your locks of damaged ends. It is also easy to maintain. You can style thin hair into a bob with a blunt silhouette or you can wear your hair with a wavy look. You can even add some texture to your hair by adding a little gel to the ends.

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For extra drama, you can cut blunt bobs at an angle or asymmetrically. An angled bob has shorter edgar haircut at the back and longer hair in the front. It is a popular cut for summer. This style also looks great when you wear it poker straight. A blunt bob also works well with high-necked dresses. If you’re worried that it will be difficult to maintain, you can add a little texture by curling the ends.

Avoiding slicked back styles

Trying to achieve the perfect slicked back hairstyle requires the correct technique and products. Wet or bone-dry hair makes the style difficult to achieve, so it’s important to air-dry your hair before attempting to slick it back. You can also try a half-ponytail or long braid to give your slick a more polished look.

A slick back style works well with most face shapes, but men with large foreheads may want to try another style. Instead, they can opt for fringed hairstyles. This type of style has been popular for a long time and has remained popular in Western cultures.

Slicked back styles are perfect for lightening your hair and adding a modern touch. However, make sure to use a wet look gel for a glossy finish. Another option is to use a fine tooth comb to pull your hair back. You should also add some volume at the front and close fade to the sides for a dramatic effect.

Avoiding blunt cuts

If you have thick, curly hair, avoiding blunt cuts is a good way to give it a youthful appearance. However, you should avoid going super short as this will result in poofy hair. Instead, go for a chop that falls just above the shoulders. Short haircuts will also keep your mane from becoming too heavy.

One of the disadvantages of a blunt cut is that it requires more maintenance than a layered cut. This type of cut usually requires frequent touch-ups, and a trip to the stylist is required every four to six weeks.

Avoiding bobs

While bobs are one of the most popular cuts, there are certain facial shapes that they don’t suit. For example, square faces should choose hairstyles that soften their jawline. They should also avoid chin-length blunt bobs, as they tend to shorten the face. Heart-shaped faces should opt for slightly longer hair that adds length and wispys to their face. They should also avoid chin-length blunt bobs, which will draw more attention to their upper faces.


If you are considering a bob hairstyle, it’s important to understand how to style it properly. The best way to do this is to bring detailed photographs to your stylist, who can then offer suggestions and make recommendations based on your specific facial features. These professional stylists are trained to work with your facial features and hair type to create the most flattering style for you. In addition to being versatile and flattering on all face shapes, bob haircuts can also be quite stylish and versatile. You can opt for a sleek bob cut, or you can choose a softer style with swooping bangs and layers.

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