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Why Can Case Study Learning Give Edge at Business School?

by AndrewSmith
Case Study Help

What are Case Studies?

To put it simply, case studies are an in-depth study of a particular individual, organisation, group or community. It provides valuable information about past and current activities. Students can get hands-on experience and discover new areas in their studies. Researchers can decide the data collection and interpretation method depending on suitability. Famous case study examples include Volkswagen, Netflix, Cadbury, The Alibaba Group, etc.

Harvard Business School pioneered case studies to teach management in 1926. The case study must mention the aim, objective, methodology, data collection, analysis, and conclusion. By collecting and analysing the data, a conclusion can be drawn. Here, students can conduct a case study “by engaging with each other and with each other’s ideas, by asserting something and then having it questioned, challenged and thrown back at them so that they can reflect on what they hear, and then refine what they say”.

Business schools are providing more case studies to incorporate modern scenarios into teaching. The students get theoretical and practical experience, which adds value to learning. Also, students get exposed to utilising theories in practical applications. But conducting interviews and interpreting the outcome requires time, which students lack. They seek case study help from instant assignment help Australia.

Benefits of Case Study Help

  • Improves students’ evaluation and analytical skills
  • Enhances their problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Engages students with real-life situations in business
  • Teaches how to connect classroom teaching with practical learning
  • Improves communication as students convey their positions with clarity
  • Widens perspective
  • Gives leverage in career opportunities
  • Students can recall concepts better

Skills A Student Learns in Case Study Help

  • Preparation

In case studies, there is a lot to read and research about. One needs to collect background information, collect data, conduct surveys, analyse and write about it. It requires time and effort. A case study help is prepared after extensively working on the project. Analysing the critical issue, finding supporting material, etc., requires skills.

  • Discernment

It is the skill to flush out all the unnecessary information. You will come across massive details as you read along. Not everything fits into your case study. You must filter out the irrelevant information. To do this, you need to read, understand and analyse.

To stay focused on your main argument, state its aim, objectives and purpose. Instant Assignment Help Australia can guide you through it.

  • Clear your mind

Sometimes you may have preconceptions about a particular individual or event. It makes you firmly either in support or against it, creating a bias. Biased opinions are never correct. You may subconsciously lean towards a particular side after hearing rumours. You need to be neutral and open up your mind to possibilities. After going through the details thoroughly, you can have an opinion. Understand various viewpoints; listen more carefully; observe and look for connections.

Realising and becoming unbiased is a problematic skill one must learn during case studies. You can let an expert read your work and decide if it sounds biased, and experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia can help you out with it.

  • Collaboration

Case studies enable students to communicate with classmates and other people while interviewing in small groups. It builds their confidence as well as being able to convey their points. Case studies make them take the initiative and develop better skills.

Collaboration also requires fair discussion and listening to everyone. Everyone must be respected and heard out. After the debate, an appropriate decision is made. Students learn as they practice it, and then they are better able to lead the discussions.

  • Chance to explore different roles and responsibilities

In a case study, students assume various roles and responsibilities such as entrepreneur, investor, CEO, etc. It provides them with a chance to learn and explore different areas. They get knowledge and exposure which helps them understand their likes, dislikes, passion and future careers. Having exposure makes them adaptable and more open to new perspectives.

  • Self-confidence

Case studies put them in unfamiliar situations, and they must adapt accordingly. It challenges them, which ultimately builds their confidence. They are better able to interact and convey their experiences. They can lead and converse with strangers; lead group discussions; think creatively and creatively, and much more. Such skills enhance one’s personality and boost their confidence. It makes them prepared for unknown circumstances and job opportunities.

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