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6 Reasons Why Embroidery Beats Screen Printing

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Embroidery Beats Screen Printing

So, you’re thinking about adding some personal flair to your clothing or maybe even getting some custom workwear for your business. You’ve likely come across the terms “embroidery” and “screen printing.” But which one should you choose? 

To give you an idea, here are six reasons why embroidery can beat screen printing. But, keep in mind, screen printing might have its own benefits and choice comes down to your needs.

Reason 1: Designs That Stand the Test of Time

Have you ever bought a cool graphic tee only to see the design start peeling off after a few washes? It’s disappointing, right? That’s where embroidery Columbus OH takes the crown. When you choose embroidery for your clothing, you’re picking something that lasts.

Here’s why: Instead of printing on the fabric’s surface, embroidery stitches your design right into the fabric. It’s like the difference between a sticker and a piece of artwork. With embroidery, your design isn’t going anywhere; it’s there for the long haul, even after countless trips through the washing machine.

Reason 2: A Professional, Classy Look

Let’s talk about the impression your customized clothing makes. When you’re going for a professional, classy appearance, embroidery is your go-to choice. 

Why? Because embroidered designs have a subtle 3D texture that elevates your clothing. It’s like the difference between a handmade leather wallet and a mass-produced plastic one. The polished finish of embroidery gives your logo or design a premium, standout quality that screen printing simply can’t match.

Reason 3: Versatile Across All Fabrics

Embroidery doesn’t play favorites when it comes to fabrics. Whether you’re working with the softness of cotton or the sturdiness of denim, embroidery can work its magic. 

You’re not limited to clothing either. If you have a cool design that you’d love to see on a bag, hat, or even a cozy blanket, embroidery is up for the job.

Reason 4: A Rainbow of Colors

Variety is the spice of life, right? With embroidery, you’re in control of the color palette. Unlike screen printing, which can sometimes limit your choices, embroidery gives you access to a wide range of thread colors. 

This means you can get those vibrant and intricate designs without any hassle. Whether your design is bursting with bold, bright colors or prefers a more muted, classic look, embroidery can make it happen.

Reason 5: Tough as Nails

We expect our clothes to withstand a bit of wear and tear, right? Embroidery has you covered in this department. The stitched design can handle regular use without flinching.

It won’t crack or peel like a sticker on a kid’s lunchbox. It won’t fade away like those old posters on your bedroom wall. No, embroidery keeps looking sharp, even after countless rounds in the washing machine and years of adventures.

Reason 6: No Need to Buy in Bulk

Ever tried to get something screen printed and found out you had to order a bunch of items? It can be frustrating, especially if you only want a few personalized pieces. 

But here’s the beauty of embroidery – it doesn’t force you into any commitment. Whether you need just one unique item or a handful of them, embroidery is super flexible. It’s all about your needs and what suits you best.

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