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Why must you apply for Canada PR from India?

by AndrewSmith

Many Indian immigrants want to apply for Canada PR from India – but are unsure of the benefits it includes, or why they should go through the trouble of learning “How to get Canada PR from India?”

Curious? This guide brings you the exact benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada. 

“Canadian Permanent Residency & You” 

Who exactly is a permanent resident anyway? 

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada – but is not a citizen of Canada. Permanent residents in Canada are citizens of other countries. A student or foreign worker who is in Canada on a temporary basis is not considered a permanent resident. Only candidates that qualify after they apply for Canada PR from India – are lawfully deemed as permanent residents. 

Now that you know who you are, here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of becoming a permanent resident of Canada. 

  • Free Healthcare

Who can say no to free healthcare? Not just prescription drugs, but medical treatments in Canada are also included in your permanent residency. Canada’s globally-renowned public healthcare system is just one of a plethora of other social benefits. 

  • Live, Work, and Study Anywhere

As a permanent resident of Canada, you are free to move anywhere in the Great White North. You are not required to stay at the particular location you mention when you apply for Canada PR from India. You have the freedom of moving to a neighborhood or city – that has better job opportunities or educational institutes. The only exception is when you apply for Canada PR from India under a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This is because you’ve committed to bringing your skills to the selected province. 

  • Social and Retirement Benefits

Permanent residents also have the access to work across any in-demand job in Canada – as well as tax rebates to help them live a better life. Social benefits are one of the key reasons why hundreds of Indian immigrants apply for Canada PR from India every year. For example, if you lose your job, you can get employment insurance. Canada’s pension plan is also one of the top ones worldwide. 

  • Free Education 

Your children are entitled to free or lower tuition fees as Canadian permanent residents. As if free healthcare wasn’t enough. Even for you! If you plan on enrolling in a Canadian university – the Canadian government makes them much cheaper for you. Also, you can have access to scholarships and funding you can’t as a foreign student. Also, your children can be educate for free in the public school system in Canada up until they turn 18. As a bonus, you can sponsor your family members to Canada to become permanent residents. Learn how to get Canada PR from India with your family. 

  • Start a Bizz!

Canada is in great need of skilled immigrants. As a permanent resident of Canada, you are allowed to start a business – to help support & sustain the country’s economy. If you own a small business, you’d be able to access funding from the Canadian government. Or maybe you can put your money into buying a Tim Horton franchise you’ve always dreamed of? Or go into partnership with someone? The sky’s the limit. 

  • Safety & Security 

Canada is a safe place to call home. Immigrants that apply for Canada PR from India can enjoy all of the rights to be protect that are grant by the government and authorities under Canadian Charter 6. Safety and border security are some of the key reasons why immigrants from across the world – prefer gaining Canadian permanent residency. 

  • Roadmap to Citizenship

Once a permanent resident, you may even qualify for Canadian citizenship. Many permanent residents fall in love with the Great White North – and decided on staying back in the country for the rest of their lives. The Canadian Citizenship application can help them pursue that pathway. Once you’ve met the basic prerequisites such as having lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years and paid your taxes – you may be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. 

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