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Will Apple Produce a Foldable iPhone?  

by AndrewSmith
Foldable iPhone

Samsung recently mocked Apple Inc. for producing minimal upgraded devices, which went viral on social media as the term “Trolled” rolled over the home feeds of millions! Is the Foldable iPhone lacking innovation? Apple is striving continuously to produce dynamic and inexhaustible processor chips that can outperform major brands and Apple’s previous models alongside too. Coming down to the question, the idea is already Samsung’s hit launch in recent years and has earned an absolute repo in the digital market too. It will almost look like copying the concept from Motorola and Samsung itself, but the sooner Apple-obsessed people have their heart on a foldable gadget, the better! 

What Do Internet Rumors Say? 

Well, since the internet is the dimension of fake, true, and exaggerated news, we are not completely sure when exactly the Apple Store will release a foldable device. Still, credible bloggers have suggested 2023 or 2024 as another startling lineup year for Apple to produce more mind-boggling gadgets, including the foldable iPhone.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple will indeed release a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch OLED Display screen featuring QDH in 2023! However, on the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the release of such a device as late as 2025. 

What else is new? 

The iPhone foldable might also transform into an iPad mini! Due to the large screen display claimed by Kuo himself, the 8-inch is too much for an iPhone and just an inch shorter than the iPad mini’s 8.3-inch diagonal size. Apple has not confirmed any solid news until now as different rumors and reports revolving around social media continue to create anticipation among the audience. One of the reports also suggests Apple working with LG to create a 7.5-inch panel, while another claims a 9-inch display under testing progress for the world-class foldable display. 

Shift your stuff, such as photos, downloads, music, and data, onto your iCloud. Connect the iPhone to Mac or laptop and shift the data through the USB. Once you write down all log-ins, sign-in passwords, and backup data, you can factory reset the iPhone too! 

All sorts of unnecessary or overflowing databases will clear up with thumbnails and cache files that fill up the storage. The storage issue is mainly with older iPhone models because the upgraded iPhones have above 120GBs of internal storage minimum and 500GBs storage capacity maximum! 

The Main Thing 

Apple is the name of the standard, producing signature lineups for tech gadgets that live longer and outperform efficiency among all devices in the digital market. The core processors, storage capacities, RAMs, and battery life is what Apple is currently striving to improve. Apple’s miraculous iOS update 16 is one of the best innovative operating system updates by Apple yet. It includes life-saving benefits such as SOS Emergency, upgraded Siri, dynamic lock screen customizability, ultimate focus features, and much more. 

After all such masterpieces coming from OS and gadget series updates, Apple users will gladly choose more proficiency over the gadget’s appearance. People will continue to buy iPads and check out iMacs on sale rather than a larger screen tablet that is not even portable! Customers look for devices that are comfortable to use, easy to transport, and possess longer battery lives, all features that Apple already does a great job of fulfilling in their preexisting gadgets if not for a potential foldable device.  


Apple will be releasing iPhone 15 next year, perhaps in the same month as iPhone 14 was released in 2022! The hype for iPhone 15 is bigger than Samsung’s next flip model because Apple will surely launch another powerful Bionic processor that boosts power much more than A16 in iPhone 14 Pro! If you are looking to buy iPhone 14 Pro, hop on to credible sites like experimax.com right now! 

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