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YouTube Video Structure: How to increase your video views

by AndrewSmith

YouTube Video Structure: How to increase your video views

Introduce the Sponsor

Now is the time to introduce a sponsor to your video. Remember that this is just an introduction. We’ll be discussing them more later. Click here, You can hint if you wish (We do a lot here at! Promise to reveal more in the video later, but at the main benefit of the sponsor.

Keep this in mind, and the sponsor intro to a maximum of 10-15 seconds. If you keep going, viewers will believe you are trying to sell them something. They will then leave.

To introduce my sponsor, I would say, “Asus ROG gaming notebooks sponsored this video. The top-rated high-end gaming laptop in America, as voted by gamers. Later in the video, I will look at these laptops and offer substantial discounts.

Sponsors are an important way to monetize Youtube. However, you should never compromise the experience of your viewers. You wouldn’t be able to get a sponsor without making your viewers feel important.

The main body of content

Your main content is where you will deliver the majority of your video’s value. The main body should include everything you promised in your video’s Thumbnail and Title. If you have promised to help the viewer locate the best Elden Ring armor (Yes, Elden Ring is my favorite), then you need to show them the steps they should take to get there.

If you don’t deliver what you promised, viewers will move on. Your video will be lost forever in the Youtube search results. Keep in mind, however, that unlike other sections of this video structure, this section can be as long or short as necessary to deliver the promised value to the viewer.

This could be a video where the main body section is only 2 minutes long. In another video, however, the main body could last an hour. Be aware, however, that the main content of your video should not exceed its promised value. Don’t think viewers will watch your video if it contains irrelevant content. They won’t.

This unwatched content can only harm your video’s rank as it will make your video less popular.

It is better to watch a video 9 minutes out of 10 than 10 minutes out of 15. Both have a 90% percentage of time watched, while the other has 66%. The most important factor in video promotion and ranking on Youtube is the percentage of time watched.

It would help if you also asked your viewers halfway through the section to “Like” and “Subscribe” to your channel. As you’re providing incredible value to your viewers, it makes sense to ask this question in this section. If the viewer has received enough value, they will subscribe if asked.

Your main content should be short enough to deliver the video’s promised value fully.

You can also insert a Call to Action in this section if you have a product that you want to sell. You should be gentle. Hard selling will make people leave your channel and drive them away. Instead, you can naturally insert a product promo by linking it to something you are doing in your video.

You now know that your main content should be where you deliver the value you promised in the Thumbnail and Title, Hook, Main Intro, and Hook. The main body of your content should be as long as necessary to deliver your value. You can ask viewers to “Like” and “Subscribe” halfway. Finally, you can include a call to action if you have a product to sell.

The next section will discuss adding the second portion of your sponsored content.

Main sponsored content

Once your Main Body Content has provided all the value that you promised, it is time to deliver the Main Sponsored content. You introduced your sponsor earlier, just after the Main Introduction. This took about 10-15 seconds.

This gives you more time to sell sponsored content. I mentioned ASUS gaming laptops in the previous example. I will be focusing more on these products in the Main Sponsored Section. Would talk to the viewer about the many benefits Asus gaming laptops bring to gaming. The section would be concluded with a Call to Action that included a link to a discounted video description. Remember that the Main Sponsored content section should not exceed 1 minute.

Summary of benefits

The summary of benefits completes the structure of your Youtube video. Now, you should take some time to summarize all the key benefits the video has provided. After watching your video, remind the viewer what they can expect if they act.

If your video shows how to obtain a piece of armor in Elden Ring (Yes, it is the Armor example again), this would be an example. Now, you can show the incredible benefits the armor will bring to the viewer’s gameplay.

Also, your goal is to make the viewer feel the benefits of your video.

Another example: Let’s say you just reviewed a sports car. In the main body of the content, you have talked about the car’s handling and the engine’s power. This section should be about you experiencing the benefits and reaping the rewards of the car. The viewer can also experience the benefits of the car with you. This increases their desire to act in the end.

Make sure you show lots of footage of yourself experiencing the benefits of your video. Keep the summary under two minutes. If this section is too long, viewers will move on before you give your final Call to Action.

Unfortunately, attention spans are extremely short these days. It isn’t easy to keep your viewers’ attention. You must deliver great content while being concise. For more: https://ytviews1.weebly.com/

Call to Action

After your Summary of Benefits, you want to make one last call to action. Your audience can be asked to take positive actions that will benefit you and your Youtube video channel by using the Call to Action.

Commenting in Youtube’s comment section

  • Asking viewers for their permission to click on a link in the description.
  • To like the video.
  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Click the bell icon to activate it.
  • Go to your Patreon Page.
  • To visit your site.
  • There are many other actions.
  • Always include a Call to Action at each end of your video.

You can become a subscriber if someone has enjoyed your video enough to stay on the page. Remind them to subscribe. They may not have remembered that they wanted to subscribe and like your video because of the value you provided.

A channel subscriber is someone who has enjoyed your video enough to stay on the last page. It’s a great idea to ask the audience for their opinions on the video. For example, what would you do next? Then, elaborate on the question. You allow them to create content by asking and challenging them to answer in the comments section. Many viewers will find the challenge of coming up with the best answer too appealing, so you should expect plenty of comments.

Be sure to say thank you to the viewers for viewing the video.

Conclusion and summary

This article will discuss your multi-stage content structure for your YouTube videos. A content structure is important for your videos for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Video creation is faster when there’s a repeatable structure
  • Editing speed up
  • This increases the speed with which you can plan your videos.
  • Your viewer retention can be increased.
  • You can increase the time that people spend watching your videos.
  • It allows you to create video templates.
  • Focus more on creating great content.
  • Here’s another reminder of the structure.

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